Environmental Protection Responsibilities

Marsan has achieved international green manufacturing accreditations such as ISO 14001, etc. It has truly realized its responsibilities towards environmental protection by minimizing environmental pollution, contamination, and increasing resource recycling and reuse. This applies to all the products which the company produces, all activities held, and all services offered. Marsan is well-aware that for true sustainable business development, it will need to incorporate the latest environmental protection technologies and standards for its business operations. 

Occupational Safety & Health

Ensuring the highest level of occupational safety and health for its employees is Marsan’s top priority. To achieve this, it has implemented many policies to promote occupational safety and health, emphasized risk management, strengthened employees’ knowledge on occupational safety and health, and strived to prevent accidents and diseases at the workplace. Marsan knows that it has a responsibility to provide a healthy and safe work environment to achieve top-notch employee productivity.

Sustainable Business Development Goals

Marsan  upholds a “People-First Business Model” which has enabled it to pursue outstanding business performance while ensuring full employee satisfaction. Boasting efficient training and effective career progression programs, Marsan strives to help each and every employee maximize their true potential and create a personable and productive corporate culture together. Marsan also aims to enhance employee loyalty towards the company to maintain the highest productivity and this will lead to the company achieving its business development goals gradually.

Healthy ecosystems and environments are necessary to the survival of humans and other organisms. Ways of reducing negative human impact include environmentally friendly chemical engineering, environmental resource management and environmental protection, and all of these stages have been surveyed by Marsan Textile.   

  • All materials and process inputs and outputs are safe for human and ecological health in all phases of the product life cycle.
  • All energy, material and process inputs come from renewable or recycled sources.
  • All materials are capable of returning safely to either natural systems or industrial systems.
  • All stages in the product life cycle actively support the reuse or recycling of these materials at  the highest possible level of quality. All product life cycle stages enhance social well being.

Manufacturing Product Liability

Marsan strives to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities by first only using non-poisonous, non-hazardous, and biodegradable dyeing and processing ingredients. Secondly, it has also implemented an effective safety and quality control system. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, Marsan monitors each and every manufacturing point to reduce waste and encourage resource recycling and reuse. With such attention, Marsan’s products are safe, environmentally friendly, and ultimately realize the goal of manufacturing green products.